• Good things attract talented people. That's why Global Franchise World is the source of financial service industry opportunities for talented people who are looking for a career.

    Development of our employees is the main mission for Global Franchise World. We think that's the only way to provide employee satisfaction which later grows into a healthy customer relationship.

    We will let you work using our internet traffic. Your contact details will be posted on our website in Global Franchise World category and you will have the opportunity to work with our target audience.

    Our employees go through challenges every day which make their careers integrated and intense and, at the same time, allows us to offer a wide range of financial products and services to our clients.

    These include premier customer service, an unparalleled worldwide research team whose goal is to provide superior investment returns.

    Apply for a regional representative position (contact us by email [email protected])

    After you have completed the registration process your personal website will be created automatically, where all your clients will be sent (guests from your country or area and others).

    All your necessary tools for working with potential clients will be on there:

  • Your personal blog
  • Your contact details
  • Online chat
  • Email web access
  • Global Franchise World registration button containing your personal referral code
  • Please notice that all clients who will jump to the Global Franchise World website from your personal webpage will be considered as your referrals even if they out the referral link.

    This is done in the following way: every client who logs on to your web page is assigned a Cookie containing your referral code. When the client registeres its Global Franchise World account, we check their Cookie code and automatically make them your referrals.

    Regional representatives encouragement rating system

    We will calculate how much time you work with our project, how productive that work is and how happy the clients are with your work.

    The calculation is performed based on several indicators:

  • Number of active referrals
  • Their deposit amount
  • Time you have spent online on your personal website
  • Your clients favorable reports
  • The higher these indicators are, the higher rating you reach on the regional representatives list on the Global Franchise World web page; accordingly you will get more internet traffic and possibilities to obtain more referrals.

    What are the benefits of becoming a representative?

    Representatives are entitled extra referral bonus. As a representative, you will receive a +10% bonus. The bonus is paid +10% additionally for (CERTIFICATE SV-2, CERTIFICATE SV-3, CERTIFICATE SV-4) for each deposit of your referral. Right now we have a cap of 100 representatives and inactive ones will be regularly removed. You may also be contacted by our major representative to answer a few questions about; we need to make sure 100% of our representatives are capable of answering questions about our program as they will play a very important role in our program's development.

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