Investment Portfolio

Your share from our net profit of your investment relies on volume of your active investment portfolio at

Every company promises rewards that are financial. We promise rewards that are so much more than just money—they change outlooks, reshape goals and dreams, and transform the way people experience life. With one of the most lucrative and truly balanced compensation plans around, the Global Franchise World Financial Rewards Plan is able to reward more people with more money.

We are offer 4 packages as follows: ("CV-1", "CV-2", "CV-3" and "CV-4"); Each certificate gives the reward of the total income of the company Global Franchise World. You can buy different amounts of certificates for more income. Each certificate is valid for one year from date of purchase.

    • Certificate CV-1

    • $55 to $999 Global Franchise World

      • 0,8% of our daily profit
      • expires at 365 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Certificate CV-2

    • $1000 to $2999 Global Franchise World

      • 1,2% of our daily profit
      • expires at 365 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Certificate CV-3

    • $3,000 to $9,999 Global Franchise World

      • 1,5% of our daily profit
      • expires at 365 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Certificate CV-4

    • $10,000 to $49,999 Global Franchise World

      • 2,2% of our daily profit
      • expires at 365 calendar days
    • Invest

For example, if you have active investment of 3000 USD, you qualify to CERTIFICATE CV-3 plan and your share of our earnings is set to 1,5% a day. We make a profit of 30% per day, you will receive 1.5% per day on your balance.

Below are several important points that you should know before investing:

  • Principal returned at the end of the investment term
  • Payments through multiple payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, BNB, Dash and other cryptocurrencies
  • Withdrawals processed twice a day from Monday to Friday at around 11 AM and 4 PM GMT
  • Realistic returns that helps both sides, us and you to benefit
  • Automatic deposits, No fees on deposits
  • Withdraw to any payment system of your choice, we do charge extra if you would withdraw to different payment system than you invested from
  • Company with high ethical standards: we are part of the United States Direct Investment Association
  • Opportunity for financial security, time freedom, and unlimited income potential
  • Active investments may be canceled for whatever reason and our investors can draw off their invested principal amount but with a fee of 10% early after 60 days

Reinvesting Your Income

Compounding also plays a vital role in your total net profit.

Global Franchise World offers its customers an option to automatically reinvest the income received on programs. If you choose this option, income that is supposed to be credited to your account will be automatically added to the value of the program that generated that income.

Remember, when you reinvest, you receive income on your reinvested capital.

Reinvestment of income is a good way to quickly increase your capital. If you do not require additional regular income at the time, reinvestment can boost your total profits by as much as 40%. Remember, when you reinvest, you receive income on your reinvested capital. This means that your earnings start working for you on the very next day!

The reinvestment option can be activated from inside your account menu. You may set different levels of reinvestment: 0%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 90% or 100%. In cases where you set your level at 50%, half of your earnings will be added to the program and half credited to your account.

Although it is important to understand the process behind your profitable online investments you still should be able to accept the fact of your own limited time. By delegating an important task of your asset management to the designated team of professionals you make a strategically beneficial move. With all the available resources & technologies we have nowadays you no longer need to spend years and thousands of dollars on searching for that “key" to your financial freedom.

In fact, this key might be already invented and laying down here just for you. Keep your precious time and spend it on the realization of your goals. Online Platform will take good care of your future with no compromise.


Total return, when measuring performance, is the actual rate of return of an investment or a pool of investments over a given evaluation period. Total return includes interest, capital gains, dividends and distributions realized over a given period of time.

The has adopted a total return policy in an effort to maintain or increase the true value of investments and its distributions to the shareholders now and in the future. By utilizing a total return policy more return will come from capital appreciation rather than only current income of permanent funds.

Each year the Board of Governors and its Investment Committee establishes a spending percentage of its asset base. This amount may be more or less than actual income from dividends and interest. A total return policy means that interest, dividends and capital appreciation are considered as a single amount in the fund.

The spending rate holds spending in check through lucrative years, and enables spending in less productive years. Thus, donors funds are being managed to provide a balance between current and future community needs and opportunities. Investment decisions can be based on flexible long-term strategies which are not subject to sudden changes in interest rates or market value. Grant recipients and the community will be able to count on funds from their community foundation which will be made available for distribution based not only on changes in current investment income.


We encourage professional enhancement and career development, by recruiting talent from different countries with different cultures, bringing in wisdom, passion and creativity.

As an international company undergoing fast growth with a large overseas portfolio under its management, recruits experienced professionals with international investment management experience and a good grasp of Thai culture and perspectives. We offer an extraordinary platform for professionals to give full play to their talents and develop their careers.

We operate a fair, rigorous and transparent recruitment process globally. All candidates must apply through our online recruitment system. After initial screening, candidates are invited to take an online test. Those who pass the online test are shortlisted for interviews. To enhance the rigor and fairness of the selection process, we introduced a multi-dimensional assessment methodology, inviting external human resource experts to participate in the interview. Candidates applying for positions of managing director or above are interviewed by the senior executives.

To attract and retain key talent, we have a talent database to keep potential candidates in reserve for mid-level and senior executive positions. This allows us to respond quickly to demands for more targeted and professional recruitment. We also use external human resource agents to search for the talent we need.

Join our pursuit and share our success.

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