Investment Agreement


A PUBLIC OFFER OF AN INVESTMENT AGREEMENT OUTLINING PARTICIPATION IN THE GLOBALFRANCHISEWORLD.COM PROJECT The company, which is hereinafter referred to as the "Company", and any individual interested in cooperation, referred to in this agreement as "Client", "Investor", enter into this Agreement.

The client, by performing the actions outlined in this Offer, confirms that they are familiar with the text of this Document, fully agree with it and are ready to conclude an Agreement regarding participation in the project on the terms, in the manner and scope set forth in this Offer.

This document determines the conditions and procedure for the transfer by the Client of funds to the trust of the Company. Acceptance by the User of this Agreement is equated with the fact of registration of the User on the resource with the domain name, and depositing of the funds in the system through any payment methods connected to the platform.

Disagreements with this Offer, or its individual clauses, are not accepted after the Agreement comes into effect. Persons who do not agree with the following provisions will not be able to complete the registration procedure on the Company's Website and have access to its services.


1.1. A Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer"). That is this document, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons, regarding the proposal to conclude an Agreement with the Company on the terms contained in this Offer, including all of its Appendices.
1.2. Parties: Client and the Company.
1.3. is a legal entity registered in the United States, registration number: DOS ID #: 5533952, acting as a party to the legal relationship and offering to enter into this Agreement.
1.4. The Client is an individual who is not limited in legal capacity, who has entered into an Offer agreement with the Company, on the terms set forth therein.
1.5. Acceptance: the Client's consent to the terms of the Offer, confirmed and realized by completing the registration of an account on the Company's Website.
1.6. Profit: remuneration credited to the Client's account. Its size depends on the terms of the investment plan.
1.7. Deposit: an amount of money that the Client transfers to the Company for trust management for the implementation of its activities at US.
1.8. Tariff (investment) plan: the terms of cooperation between the Company and the Investor.
1.9. Balance: the amount of the Client's funds that they can dispose of at their discretion.
1.10. The payment system is an electronic service through which transactions are carried out between the Company and the Client.
1.11. Withdrawal of funds: debiting funds from the Client's balance and transferring them to an electronic wallet, current account or bank card.


2.1. This Agreement is an official offer (Public Offer) of the Company to a fully capable individual (the Client), who accepts this offer on the conditions specified in this Document.
2.2. Registration of the Client on the Company's Website and replenishment of the balance in the system are regarded as unconditional acceptance of the terms of this document.
2.3. The client entrusts the Company with the management of their assets in the form of funds transferred through the opening of a deposit on the Site in order to make a profit, understanding all the risks of investment and taking responsibility for one's actions.


3.1. The subject of the Agreement is the provision of services by the Company to the Clients who have accepted the terms of the Offer.
3.2. In order to ensure the proper provision of services by the Company, the Client undertakes to accept the Offer before it begins to fulfill its obligations.


4.1. The funds transferred by the Client from their wallet or bank card account via EPS are credited by the Company to the balance in their Personal Account instantly.
4.2. The company does not charge commissions for electronic or banking transactions, but the operator making the payment may charge part of the amount as payment for its services. EPS commissions (both for replenishment and withdrawal of funds) are paid by the Client. By making payment transactions, the Client confirms their consent to pay commissions.
4.3. The Company has the right to withdraw funds from the system (from the Client's account) to the same source with the same payment details from which the balance was replenished in order to open a deposit.
4.4. The Company is not responsible for the state of the Client's personal account. In case of controversial issues regarding the state of the Client's personal account, they are resolved on the basis of the protocols on the movement of funds in the account according to the Company's rules.
4.5. The client is fully responsible for the correctness of the payment details provided for the withdrawal of funds from the personal account on the Site.
4.6. The Company is not responsible for the timing of the transaction for crediting funds to the Client's account when depositing and withdrawing. The timing is regulated by the payment service through which the transaction is effected.
4.7. The general rules for concluding trade transactions by the Company in the process of trust management of the Client's funds correspond to the generally accepted principles of car auctions (trading platforms). The company has the right to amend the current regulations in accordance with market changes. The Company can inform the Clients about the changes made by email, publication in the relevant news section on the Website or on the official pages on social networks. Claims from Clients about non-receipt of notification are not accepted.
The client undertakes in the process of cooperation to follow the news of the Company and view the newsletters.


5.1. To receive the Company's services, the Client must register on the Site. Thus, they express their consent to 1) processing of personal data by the Company, and 2) data transfers for the purposes of subsequent processing to improve the quality of the services provided, to implement partnership and other obligations.
5.2. After confirming the acceptance of the Offer, the Client is given the opportunity to authorize their entry into the system using a personal Login and Password. The client fully assumes responsibility for keeping this data safe from access by third parties.
5.3. All operations carried out using the Personal Account with the input of identification data are considered to be performed personally by the Client, unless the Company establishes otherwise.


6.1. By agreeing to the terms of this Offer, the client agrees that their personal account on the Site may be blocked on the basis of:
6.1.1. Unreliable data specified during registration (identified by the Security Service);
6.1.2. Failure to provide documents confirming their personal data;
6.1.3. Establishment of an unlawful fact of data dissemination on the Interne that discredits the honor and dignity of and the site;
6.1.4. Establishment by the Security Service of the fact of an attempt of unauthorized access to the Company's databases or accounts of other Clients by the User;
6.1.5. Incorrectly informing potential Clients about the work and provision of services by the Company.
6.2. The company reserves the right to use any algorithms aimed at timely detection of fraudulent actions and persons trying to use funds received in violation of the law.

7. Affiliate program

7.1. Any registered user can participate in the affiliate program.
7.2. The condition that needs to be fulfilled for receiving a referral reward is as follows: an active invitation to the Company of new Clients with the purpose of investment, who open deposits as Client's referrals.
7.3. The amount of referral remuneration is stipulated by the terms of the Affiliate Program and depends on the level of the Partner.
7.4. Additional opportunities open up when you unlock the Affiliate Network Levels.
7.5. To work using the Affiliate Program for representatives of the 1st level, an active deposit is not required.


8.1. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and comes into force from the moment of acceptance by the Client.
8.2. The contract is freely available at
8.3. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the registration data when creating an account on the Site. In the event of a change in personal data, the client is obliged to notify the Company about this by changing their personal information in their Personal Account, or by contacting the Support Service.
8.4. The Agreement on the terms of the Offer is concluded in the United States and governed by the laws of the state of registration of the Company and the norms of international law. Services under the Agreement on the basis of the Offer are provided on the territory of the state of registration of the Company.


9.1. Withdrawal requests submitted by participants of the Platform must comply with the generally accepted form. It is obligatory to indicate the name of the recipient. The payment order number is indicated in the payment destination.
9.2. In order to prevent fraudulent activities, all requests for payments are processed by the Company's employees in manual mode, with verification of all charges and payments. Depending on the workload of the employees, the period for the execution of the payment by the Company can come to up to 72 hours, excluding weekends.


10.1. The parties are not liable for violations of the set forth obligations in the following cases:
10.1.1. force majeure: events of force majeure (these include floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters that cannot be influenced by human actions);
10.1.2. legal force majeure: the introduction by regulators of restrictive measures, strikes and other types of social and political phenomena that have caused impossibility of proper performance or non-performance of the terms of this Agreement.
10.1.3. military actions, terrorist acts, natural and man-made disasters, hacker attacks and other illegal actions against the Company's servers.


11.1. All controversial situations are resolved through written negotiations. For that, email correspondence and ticket system of the site can be used.
11.2. Clients' requests are processed within 10 days. Depending on the workload, answers may be given earlier.
11.3. The company reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement without notifying the investor (this is not a mandatory condition).
The changes made take effect immediately after the publication of the new version of the Document on the Company's website.
11.4. Due to negative financial results, the Company may suspend payment of profit on deposits if it does not receive even the minimum profit during a time period.
11.5. For its part, the Company warns the Client about the risky nature of transactions executed by it with the use of the Client's entrusted funds in accordance with this Agreement. At the same time, the Company guarantees that the Client will receive the aforementioned interest, given minimum profits received by the company. In this case this is a prerequisite for the payment of profit within the framework of cooperation.
All provisions are an integral part of this Agreement. In the event of situations not described in the Offer, the Company will act in accordance with the accepted financial practice, business customs, based on the principles of honesty with the Clients.