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Our company

ADDRESS: 1160A PITTSFORD-VICTOR ROAD PITTSFORD, NEW YORK, 14534 COMPANY: globalfranchiseworld.com Current Entity Name: FRANCHISE FOR GOOD, INC. DOS ID #: 5533952,
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Second office: 80 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 518034. Google Map Adress

Providing the lowest risk ration in the online investment industry! Delivering best-in-class & long term service.Helping our investors to achieve success.

"Global Franchise World" is a privately owned firm, that is a part "Franchise for good, Inc." system. The main service we offer to our users, is an international Funds Management web-based software (web application) which is ready to accept clients & partners worldwide.

Globally famous brand McDonald's recorded a net income of approximately 4.73 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. In the same year, McDonald's generated 19.21 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Join us and get your a secure Financial future

McDonald’s corporation relies heavily on a success of the franchises for it continued growth and profitability. According to the annual report, its long-term goal is to have 95% franchised locations. The company indicates that the franchises create more predictable revenue while also lowering costs. A big cost savings is with capital expenditures because the franchise picks up a lot of these costs.

More than 10522+ investors worldwide have chosen globalfranchiseworld.com Online as their main investment solution and double their money. It is an independent investment program that is not directly associated with the McDonald's brand. Our company only buys a franchise from the McDonald's chain, Subway, Dydo and opens restaurants, and installs vending machines in popular locations. www.globalfranchiseworld.com bears sole responsibility for the implementation of dividend payments our direct investors. We share profits with our investors. We’ve also built all kinds of tools and resources to help you increase profits.

Relevant marketing and promotions strengthen our connection with our investors, building our business and trust.

Global management team, have kept strategically focused on the Plan to Win. In addition, strong financial management contributes to profitability and returns. Whether it involves controlling costs or investing to grow business, disciplined approach provides flexibility and strength in these unprecedented markets. This is reflected in healthy balance sheet and the highest credit rating in the restaurant industry, which allows to have ready access to capital when need it. Financial strength is also a positive for owner/operators and suppliers, who continue to have access to the credit needed to reinvest in businesses.

Through dividends and share repurchases. We believe the strategies we have in place continue to be exactly right for our business … and, in the future, will enable us to seize opportunities when others can’t. We rolled up our sleeves and worked together to restore pride and prosperity . We are confident we will maintain our momentum by continuing to focus on our customers, our restaurants and our strategy of being “better, not just bigger.” As always, thank you for your investment in our company. We appreciate the trust you have in our Company, and we are working hard to keep it.

We are confident we can sustain this success going forward because our entire System — comprised of the industry’s best franchisees, suppliers and employees — continues to focus on delivering long-term profitable growth. “Better, not just bigger” became our mantra, and the customer-centric Plan to Win became our playbook.